Program Concept

Foster Homes aim is to recreate a family and safe environment for children at risk. For them to blossom, small homes of 8 small children are created where all their needs are taken care of. They are enrolled in English Medium School and helped for homework.

All the children are between 4 and 10 years old; they are identified either by the Child Welfare Committee (governmental body), either by the teams of DIN NGOs and personal contacts. They are from very poor families of prisoners, prostitutes, rag pickers, migrants, construction workers, usually not going to school, spending their time in the streets, exposed to all kind of dangers. Families sign an agreement with the organizations to take care of their child.


From a gloomy environment to a brighter future, the Foster Homes Program makes sure the children are in a safe and warm environment to fully live their childhood and access good quality education.


                                                                      Children enrolled in the Foster Homes Program

Activities in the Foster Homes

  • Formal education in English
  • Medical follow-up
  • Intergenerational and social opening programs
  • Playground and recreational time
  • Regular tripsCounsellingFamily follow-up

Program’s Objectives

  • Rebuild children’s self confidence and self esteem
  • Promote social skills
  • Practice of at least one extra-schooling activity for all the children
  • Provide healthy food and environment
  • Vaccinate all the children