Dream India Network with its headquarters in Bangalore is an initiative that emerged from the dreams of a group of professional social workers about a better world for every human being. Every person whether it be a child, youth or elderly deserves the best chance for care, dignity and a future. Each and every individual and institution who has a dream and vision for quality life for every person particularly those from the marginalised and vulnerable communities can partner with Dream India Network commonly known as DIN. Initiated in 2012, DIN has already made known its strong presence in the care and protection of children by providing quality education and by addressing the growing needs of children, youth, women, and others who continue to remain marginalised in the midst of abundant un-utilised and mismanaged resources. Being a network, the organisation engages itself through close association with several non-governmental organisations, committed individuals and institutions, trainers and social workers in providing a better life chance and opportunity in terms of care, protection and development to every person in need of such service. The organisation has already provided training to thousands of individuals, groups and institutions across India under the Network initiative.

Vision & Mission

The vision of Dream India Network is building and empowering a strong network of institutions and individuals to collectively work for social transformation and change through innovative actions with a special focus on children. The organisation works with several private and public institutions and provides social empowerment, trainings and a platform for operationalising several good initiatives on behalf of the people whose rights are violated and who need hand holding.

As an expert in the field of childhood and humanitarian work, DIN consults the government on legal issues regarding the violation of children rights for a more effective action on the ground. DIN’s flagship program is DIN Foster Homes, we currently run 21 Foster Homes for children on the streets of Bangalore.